Workshop_Chinese Painting Techniques

A Professional Development Day For Teachers at Fort Zumwalt East High School

Workshop date: Nov. 7th, 2014

Slide Presentation and Present Chinese Brushstroke methods  

Demonstration: Chinese Painting Techniques - Four-Gentlemen Flower Techniques (Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Plum) 

Professional Development Workshop with High, Middle, Elementary School Teachers at  Fort Zumwalt East High School.

Studio Art Lessons and Workshops

Are you interested in experimenting with new media and art techniques in Chinese Brush Painting Techniques?

I offer Chinese Brush Painting Classes and Workshops for all ages at schools, community groups or private lessons for groups. 

No prior art-making experience is required.

Please contact me at for any questions or informations.


Workshops by Grace Lin at Foundry Art Centre



Saturday, November 18, 2017

10:00am - 1:00pm

The registration is available online:


Chinese Painting is a fun, relaxing, and interesting painting technique. This workshop will cover the basic traditional Chinese brush techniques and materials. 

Instructor Grace Lin will demo the Chinese painting techniques of a Peony Flower and participants will enjoy painting flowers with bamboo brush, ink and colors on rice paper. They will be introduced step-by-step to the special implements used in these techniques and materials. Students will be instructed on how to hold the brush properly and the use of various brush strokes. Grace's detailed systematic explanations and live demonstrations will enable you to create free or spontaneous-style Chinese brush paintings with ease.

Through the study of traditional Chinese ink mixed with watercolor on rice paper, participants will become familiar with the amazing potential of this special medium and enjoy the spontaneity of Chinese brush painting. 

This workshop is open to all skill levels.


Grace-lin_flower_peony_butterfly_Chinese painting
Grace-lin_flower_peony_butterfly_Chinese painting

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