Art Fundamental Courses

Art Fundamental Courses / Design I Classes

at University of Missouri - St. Louis



To familiarize the student with the elements, principles and methods of two-dimensional design in order to equip him/her with the skills necessary for creative problem solving in the visual arts.



Studio problems in the creative use and integration of the elements of two-dimensional design: line, form, space, texture. Lab fee required. Basic studio equipment will be provided though students will need to supply some personal equipment and supplies.



The course will consist of lectures, examples, exercises and projects on both the principles and the elements of design. Quizzes may be used to evaluate logical understanding of the elements and principles while critiques will be used to evaluate the design process and product formally.


Line Projects:

Line is one of the most important elements of the Art.

What can you do with the "Line" to create an impressive art project? 

Design I class_Line Project_alena-Niemann
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